Aalborg Portland

Cement puts Aalborg on the map


Aalborg's silhouette has distinctive high smoking chimneys, most of which belong to Aalborg Portland cement factory. The whole area bears the company's stamp, with its chalk mining and the huge rotary kilns. Denmark leads the cement industry in terms of…

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The factory with the best potential

Time / Periode 1889 1896
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Hans Holm, a draper from Aalborg, and engineer Frederik Læssøe Smidth, the founder of F.L. Smidth, set up Aalborg Portland Cement Factory in 1889. It quickly became the market leader in Denmark as it had all the assets required for producing cement - easy access to chalk and clay – and a harbour. Today it is the world's largest exporter of white cement. The Danish cement industry dates back to the 1840s but today only Aalborg Portland remains. Before 1900, cement was used for foundations. But then reinforced concrete was introduced for load-bearing constructions instead - initially mainly for silos and factories such as Brede Cloth Factory, but later for countless housing developments.

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