Aarhus Universitet

The ivory tower of Aarhus


The fine yellow-brick buildings forming the heart of the Aarhus university campus are Danish Functionalism of world-class standard. The first buildings were completed by 1933. In spite of changing stylistic trends, the original design idiom of consistent use of yellow …

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C.F. Møller's dream

Time / Periode 1931 2009
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" The consistent architecture of the University heralds a new era for Aarhus. The original hilltop location positioned the University as the ivory tower of academia, above the mundanity of urban life. But now the University is fully integrated with the city. The architecture remains simple and harmonious, with just a hint of superiority; the Park is open, light and airy, symbolising academic values. The architect C.F. Møller, who in 1931 won the architectural tender for the project with his colleagues Kay Fisker and Povl Stegmann and the landscape architect C.Th. Sørensen, was inspired by international Modernism. They aspired to simplicity and consistency. On his death, C.F. Møller had left guidelines for the work to be done ahead. To this day, the firm of C.F. Møller oversees construction of new buildings in the University Park. "

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