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Welcome to "1001 stories about Denmark" - Danish Agency for Culture's website about Danish cultural heritage. Here you can read about cultural heritage and share your knowledge of Danish heritage and places with others.


There are stories from all over Denmark - from the Iron Age settlement "Sorte Muld" (“black soil”) on the island of Bornholm, to the Black Horse Cavern in the Copenhagen borough of Vesterbro. From the island of Christiansø in the East of Denmark to the chemical factory Cheminova in the West. From Broendums Hotel in the North by Skagen to the burial mound Baunehøj at Lolland in the South of Denmark.

Contribute and share
The website is user driven so everyone can contribute with comments, photos and stories and recommendations and you can place new dots on the map if you think we're missing something, or if you have an interesting story about a place.

The stories are written by 180 of the country's foremost experts on cultural heritage and history, but we need you to develop the site. There are already many new places added to the 1001 stories we started out with.

Terms of use and contributions to the site  - sharing is caring
You can comment on existing stories, share links, videos and audio. If you create a profile, you can also add new stories to the places that already exist. Or, you can create new sites if you think something is missing.

When you contribute, you must provide your real name and email. We do not accept anonymous contributions, and we reserve the right to delete messages from anonymous users.

You have the option to create a profile. If you create a profile you can avoid typing in your information every time you contribute to the site. When you create a profile, you must write your real, full name. Not an institution, a municipality, an event, or the like.

You have the choice between a public or private profile. If you create a public profile, your profile page is visible to all users. If you create a private profile, you get access to a personal page that's only visible by you.

The age limit for contributing to the site and create a profile is 13 years.

Debate culture - be nice
1001stories.dk is a place for knowledge-sharing about Danish heritage and for sharing your recommendations with others.

We welcome passionate comments and lively discussions but we want the dialogue run in a decent tone. By contributing to www.1001fortællinger.dk, you agree to the following rules:

- No unproductive fights, no hateful, threatening or vulgar expressions, no condecending remarks about sex, age, religion or race, or no personal comments that show a general lack of respect for other people
- Write accurately, factually and with regards to the actual story / the particular place
- Your contribution must not contain copyrighted material
- Your contribution must not include commercial advertising messages or other attempts at actual marketing
- You are responsible for the entire content of your contribution. You are responsible for ensuring that your contribution does not violate others - that it is not insulting, racist, pornographic, criminal or otherwise violates the rights of others

Your contribution must be factual and useful - information that can be used constructively to put a place or a story into perspective.

Danish Agency for Culture continuously monitors that guidelines are respected, and content that violates the guidelines will be deleted. Furthermore the Agency reserves the right to remove contributions that are unfactual, erroneous or offensive, or otherwise unsuitable.

About describing places
When you add a new site to 1001stories it works somewhat like a wiki meaning that other users can edit your text and make changes to it. Therefore, you must be aware that your text may be changed, just as you have the ability to change others' descriptions.

The 1001 original expert stories/narratives and the 50 theme texts cannot be altered og changed but you can comment on them.

Image and video contributions
The criterias for adding pictures or videos to 1001stories.dk are that the images or videos are relevant to the story / site and can be used constructively to a story or a place into perspective.  You are responsible for the entire content of your contribution, that your contribution does not violate others - that it is not insulting, racist, pornographic, criminal or otherwise violates the rights of others

When you publish images on this site, you do so under the creative commons license "Share the same conditions (Share Alike) (by-sa)". This license means that if someone alters, transforms, or builds upon your work, they may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.

This license allows other processes, including changing and adapting your image, including a commercial purpose as long as they credit you and license the new image/work under similar conditions.  You can read more about the license at: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/

Rights to other contributions
For all other user contributions all rights belong to Danish Agency for Culture. Including the right to reproduce the work and the right to make the work accessible to the public. These rights include:

- Publishing material at www.1001fortællinger.dk and www.1001stories.dk
- Publishing material at other Heritage Agency media and material
- Publishing material at mobile platforms and applications
- Publishing material at partner sites and media - for example, through widgets or other data sharing.

Contributors have the rights to own contributions and can also reuse contributions in other contexts.

Danish Agency for Culture reserves the right to continuously change the conditions for use of the site. If conditions are changed all users will be notified by email. Recent and current conditions are always visible at :

Changes and improvements
We will continuously develop, debug and improve the site together with users. If you find errors or mistakes or if you have ideas for new functionality and features, we would love to hear from you. You can write to the editor of this site; Mette Bom at bom@kulturstyrelsen.dk

Danish Agency for Culture invites all relevant tourist websites/government tourist agencies/ to install a so-called "widget 1001" on their website. The widget is in English and allows users to view a miniversion of the 1001-site and will create mutual traffic between sites. The widget can be customized to fit your website’s colors and fonts. Send an email to Mette Bom bom@kulturstyrelsen.dk  or Morten Stenak mst@kulturstyrelsen.dk at the Heritage Agency, if you're interested.

Contact Info
Please feel free to contact us regarding this site:
- Vice President, Anne Mette Rahbæk, tel: +45 33745114, email: amr@kulturstyrelsen.dk
-  Head of Communication Mette Bom, tel: 40550800, email: bom@kulturstyrelsen.dk
- Consultant Morten Stenak, tel: 33745121, email: mst@kulturstyrelsen.dk

The project is supported by 7.4 million DKK from the Danish Labour Market Holiday Fund.

We look forward to your contributions!


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