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Mighty knights


In the Middle Ages, Antvorskov Abbey was inhabited by the religious and military Order of St. John, also known as the Knights Hospitaller. Established in 1164 by King Valdemar I and Archbishop Eskil, Antvorskov Abbey became a large landowner in Southwest Zealand. Its…

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Is the Danish flag the Flag of Malta?

Time / Periode 1164 1536
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"The military and religious order known as the Order of St. John, or Knights Hospitaller and latterly the Knights of Malta, was linked to the Crusaders. The Scandinavian chapters of the order performed mainly local "hospitalling", that is provided care for the sick, on which a part of the income from the monastic estate was spent, while the rest funded the Crusades in the south. There is every indication that members of the order at Antvorskov were involved in King Valdemar II's crusade to Estonia. It was during this crusade that the Danish flag is said to have fallen from the sky during a battle in Tallin in 1219. It is very likely that the national flag was inspired by the order's flag, now known as the Flag of Malta; a white cross on a red background. And in that way, the Danish flag may actually have been brought to Estonia by monks from Antvorskov."

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Jan Eskildsen
, more than 3 years ago

Jeg er helt enig. Hvem i alverden går bare går ind og ændrer, hvad andre har skrevet? Hvor er den ansvarlige administration henne? De skylder en forklaring.

Johnny Grandjean Gøgsig Jakobsen
, more than 3 years ago

Hm, interesting to learn that my story on Antvorskov, originally written in Danish, has now been translated by someone into English. Also noteworthy how Malta - not mentioned at all in my original tale - now takes up a central position in the story. Still, just for the record: I do NOT believe that the Danish Flag is the flag of Malta...! ;)

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Is the Danish flag the Flag of Malta?

"The military and religious order known as the Order of St. John, or Knights Hospitaller and…

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