Asserbo ruin 1

Absalon's gift swallowed by sand


In 1163, Bishop Absalon donated Asserbo to an abbey for monks of the Carthusian order. Later, it passed to the Cistercian order and various noble families until it wound up in the hands of the Crown in 1560. In the beginning of the 18th century, Asserbo was deserted…

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Asserbo ruin 3

Parti af ruinen med trappe

År: 2009 PHOTO:Kjeld Borch Westh

Asserbo ruin 3
Asserbo ruin 2
Asserbo ruin 1
Asserbo ruin 4

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Drifting dunes plague local farmers

As the sand continued to blow in from the sea, it became increasingly difficult to farm the land,…

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