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In 1943, architect Viggo Møller-Jensen built some homes with studios known as Atelierhusene especially designed for artists. The client was a social housing association called Foreningen Socialt Boligbyggeri. The houses comprise three rows of two-storey terraced…

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Tight artistic purse strings

Time / Periode 1943
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The studio houses were built on the initiative of sculptor Povl Søndergaard during World War II when housing and building materials were in short supply. The dream was to build homes that were both cheap and could accommodate the artists' need for proper working conditions. The indoor studios let in the light from the side or gable, as the artists wished. Small outdoor courtyards could also serve as work places. The largest houses have a room and two small bedrooms as well as a living room, whereas the smallest houses have one bedroom and a kitchen-dining room. The low-cost houses were equipped with only a stove and shower. The architect made a virtue of observing a strict budget and highlighted the simple architecture with the staggered facades using rather rough texture effects.

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Tight artistic purse strings

The studio houses were built on the initiative of sculptor Povl Søndergaard during World War II…

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