Maleri af Anker Landberg

World-class Danish company


Burmeister & Wain was established back in 1843 as a machine shop. The shipyard at Refshaleøen in the Port of Copenhagen was built in 1872. It is unrivalled as Denmark's prime example of a world-class industrial company. For many years it was the largest…

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Maleri af Anker Landberg

Maleri af Anker Landberg

Det er en belæst B&W-arbejder, der hviler i sig selv, som ser os jævnbyrdigt og stolt i øjnene

År: 1952 PHOTO:Anker Landberg, Arbejdermuseet

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Union men

The workers at Burmeister & Wain became famous as the vanguard of the unions. This was partly…

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