Bakkekammen 45

Symbols of Better Building Traditions" "


At the eastern end of Holbæk is a row of rather special houses. They were built in about 1910-30 and flank two roads called Bakkekammen and Møllevangen. The history of the villas started at the craftsmen's high school in Vallekilde in about 1900. It was later…

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The battle for good building traditions

Time / Periode 1915 1916
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By the early 20th century, building in Denmark had become a little too creative. At least in the eyes of the National Association for Better Building Traditions that was formed in 1915. The Association's goals were to unearth the roots of Danish building traditions. They protested against the buildings in recent years that had become too fanciful" with a jumble of styles from various countries and eras. The Association worked on reintroducing simplicity and old Danish craft traditions instead. Simple brick houses from the beginning of the 1900s are often referred to as examples of Better Building Traditions. Houses of this type are to be found in Holbæk, for example, and represent the Association's ideals. "

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