Ballum Kirkegård, kirke

The Sorrow Acre Stone


Ballum Churchyard has a limestone gravestone west of the church spire, close to the area's western dike. The stone is from the 17th century. Its inscription was worn away by the elements long ago. But a local legend about the stone lives on along the west coast of…

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Images from Ballum Churchyard

Ballum Kirkegård Sorgagresten afstand

Man ved ikke hvornår stenen er tilknyttet til sagnet om den såkaldte sorgager

År: 2010 PHOTO:Elsemarie Dam-Jensen

Ballum Kirkegård, gravsten
Ballum Kirkegård, kirke
Ballum Kirkegård Sorgagresten
Ballum Kirkegård Sorgagresten afstand
Ballum Kirkegård, mindesten

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Mother dies saving her son

The tale from Ballum says the woman under the churchyard gravestone came from Misthusum. The…

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