Bevandingsmøller Ballummarsken 2004

Water for the marshland animals


In 1775, the farmers in Ballum acquired their own land. Yet more than 60 years passed before the farmers moved out of the village to Ballum Enge. In 1836, the plot owners made their own plan for dividing up the land and people began to dig ditches and build bridges and…

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Møllerne med truende skyer

Lige før torden og skybrud 1. august 2017

År: 2017 PHOTO:Carsten Siems

Møllerne med truende skyer
Mindesten for digebyggeri mm. Ballummarsken
 Udstillingshus Ballummarsken
Bevandingsmøller Ballummarsken 2004

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Taming nature's forces

In 1842, 48 farms in Ballum banded together to build two pump mills and maintain the meadows. To…

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