Lolland's largest burial mound


Lolland is the flattest part of Denmark, but up towards the northwest, the landscape is quite hilly. Lolland's highest point, 30 metres above sea level, is the site of Bavnehøj. This is Lolland's largest burial mound, seven metres high and 35 metres in…

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Mediaeval bell tower

Time / Periode -1400
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What is that building on the burial mound near Birket churchyard? It is a mediaeval wooden belfry or bellframe" built in about 1350. The belfry is one of the best preserved freestanding wooden buildings of its time. Tandslet Church on Als also has a well-kept bellframe built on an old burial mound. Excavations in the huge Sydhøj in Jelling in eastern Jutland have also revealed the foundations of a mediaeval bellframe that once crowned the burial mound. It made the tower a lot taller. The belfries were put on top of the burial mounds so the sound of the bells would carry much further. The old heathen burial mounds were reused for Christian purposes. "

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