Bechs stubmølle

Denmark's oldest windmill


The characteristic post mill at Møllebakken 13 in Svaneke was built in 1629, making Bech's Mill the oldest preserved windmill in Denmark. In the 18th century, the mill was flanked by two other post mills on the northern outskirts of Svaneke. The mill is named…

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Bechs stubmølle

Danmarks ældste vindmølle står lige nord for Svaneke

År: 2000 PHOTO:Lise Andersen

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Tegning / tryk
maleri af Bechs mølle
Hans Bendtsen Bech
Hans Bendtsen Bech
Hans Bendtsen Bech
Bechs mølle set fra bagsiden
Kort 1851
Svaneke i uvejr.
Bechs Stubmølle med møller (2)
Bechs Stubmølle med møller (1)
Stubmøllen ca. 1915
Møllens gangtøj (hjul)
Bechs stubmølle

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