Sorte Hest

The oldest house in Vesterbro


No. 148 on Vesterbrogade is the oldest building in Copenhagen's Vesterbro district. Over the centuries, the premises have housed a brewery, a pub, an inn and an earthenware stove factory. The half-timbered front building from 1771 is believed to rest on the…

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From country inn to anarchist centre

Time / Periode 1600 2000
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The peasants from outlying villages did not always get inside Copenhagen's ramparts before the west city gate, Vesterport, shut for the night. They would therefore stop at one of the many inns in what is now the urban district of Vesterbro. One such inn was Sorte Hest", meaning "Black Horse". Here they drank and ate their fill and played skittles. In the 1700s, patrons also enjoyed the macabre thrill of looking out at the city's gallows and hanged men. In 1980, Black Horse received its own death sentence: two property magnates wanted it demolished. At the eleventh hour it was made a listed building, yet it remained disused until anarchist squatters moved into the dilapidated premises and opened "Café Morgenstjerne". In 1990, City of Copenhagen forcibly evicted the squatters with police assistance. "

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