Børglum Kloster

Hard holymen


Børglum Abbey has had many owners and functions. Originally, it was a royal estate, from which King Canute the Holy was ousted by a peasant uprising in 1086. In the 1100s, Børglum became the centre for the diocese of Vendsyssel instead of Vestervig. Besides the…

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Stygge Krumpen

Time / Periode 1209 1536
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The most (in)famous occupant of Børglum Abbey was one Stygge Krumpen (1485-1551). Stygge was of the noble family of Krumpen. In 1519, he was appointed bishop at Børglum by Christian II. Stygge Krumpen ruled as a harsh lord over priests, nobles and peasants in the diocese of Vendsyssel. There was much outrage over his extravagant life and cohabitation with his blood relation, Elsebeth Gyldenstjerne. Stygge Krumpen’s reputation in the annals of history was scarcely improved by his staunch Catholicism during the Reformation, for which obstinacy he was imprisoned in Sønderborg Castle in 1536-42. One colourful, but not entirely accurate account of his life was written by Thit Jensen

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Stygge Krumpen

The most (in)famous occupant of Børglum Abbey was one Stygge Krumpen (1485-1551). Stygge was of…

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