Grav fra Borum Eshøj

Barrow full of prehistoric costumes


Borum Eshøj was once one of the country's largest barrows. In it, three Bronze Age graves were found dating back to about 1350 BC. The bodies lay in their coffins of hollowed out oak tree trunks in graves that are among the most important prehistoric finds. The…

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Images from Borum Eshøj

Grav fra Borum Eshøj

Den unge mand fra Borum Eshøj.

År: 2008 PHOTO:Flemming Kaul

Illustration fra det nye skilt af Sune Elskær
Grav fra Borum Eshøj

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Why are the graves so important?

The woollen costumes found in the graves were unusually well preserved and give a rare insight into…

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