Bregentved Castle

Denmark's largest estate


Bregentved near Haslev has been in the hands of nobility since the Middle Ages. In 1746, the king gave the estate to A.G. Moltke, who transformed it into a count's estate in 1750. Bregentved has belonged to the Moltke family ever since. Today, it is Denmark's…

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Slovakian heights in Danish forests

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Time / Periode 1650
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All plants have the ability to adapt to the environment they grow in. Even within the same species, a plant may look different depending on where it grows. In the 1800s, Danish farmers started growing foreign grain types that were more weather-resistant than the traditional Danish grains. In the first half of the 20th century, foreign species of trees were planted systematically in Danish forests. One source of particular interest was the Central European mountain ranges, where the beeches grew taller than native Danish varieties. In 1925, the Danish Forestry Association undertook to introduce seven tons of beechnuts from the mountain slopes east of the small town of Kokošovce in Slovakia, where up to 120-year-old beeches towered as high as 28 metres. A small amount of the beechnuts were sown along the Munkedamsvejen road in Grevindeskoven ("Countess Woods") on the Bregentved Estate. Today the trees are well on the way to forming a classical Danish canopied beech stand – even though they were born abroad.

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The king's best friend

Adam Gottlob Moltke was born in 1710, the son of a large family of noble stock from Mecklenburg,…

Slovakian heights in Danish forests

All plants have the ability to adapt to the environment they grow in. Even within the same species, …

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