Bregentved Castle

Denmark's largest estate


Bregentved near Haslev has been in the hands of nobility since the Middle Ages. In 1746, the king gave the estate to A.G. Moltke, who transformed it into a count's estate in 1750. Bregentved has belonged to the Moltke family ever since. Today, it is Denmark's…

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The king's best friend

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Time / Periode 1746 1766
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Adam Gottlob Moltke was born in 1710, the son of a large family of noble stock from Mecklenburg, Germany. As a young man, he was employed at the royal court by the Danish crown prince. In 1746, the prince was crowned King Frederik V and Moltke became lord chamberlain. He was in a difficult position because Frederik V was neither interested in nor capable of ruling. He preferred enjoying the nightlife in Copenhagen. Moltke made sure that very few people discovered his employer's excesses. The king became popular and famous for supporting art and science. Outwardly, the king took the credit, but Moltke actually did all the work. The king knew this and appreciated his efforts. He therefore rewarded Moltke with many gifts, including Bregentved.

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The king's best friend

Adam Gottlob Moltke was born in 1710, the son of a large family of noble stock from Mecklenburg,…

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