Brøndby Strand

The best of intentions


The Brøndby Strand housing development was built between 1969 and 1973 by architects Svend Høgsbro and Thorvald Dreyer for four housing associations. Brøndby Strand covers an enormous area and includes low, as well as high-rise buildings all connected by esplanades …

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For the love of concrete

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Time / Periode 1973
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The Brøndby Strand buildings have been roundly criticised for their architectural and social poverty. But, what tends to be forgotten is that the idea was to create spacious, modern and clean housing. Those ambitions could only be met - for better or for worse - by using pre-fabricated building elements. The architects were attacked from the outset for their reliance on concrete, but as they put it: The grey nuances of concrete is in reality the best thinkable background for nature's own symphony of colour, accompanied by residents' flowerbox gardens, garish parasols, and the landscape architect's evergreen strips growing along – and climbing up – walls and other open spaces. ... The march of light and shadow across the facade highlights shapes, which colour serves to accent." "

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, more than 6 years ago

Jeg vil foreslå, at hvis de burde kontakte nogle store arkitekter til at bygge denne Brøndby Strand. F.eks. Schønherr, som er nogle af bedste arkitekter og planlæggere Danmark. Hvis man virkelig ønsker at renovere det til perfektion så burde man også skaffe de bedste på området, så at man netop kan garantere godt kvalitet og håndværk.

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For the love of concrete

The Brøndby Strand buildings have been roundly criticised for their architectural and social…

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