Broskovvejen 1

Stones across the ford


In South Zealand, a number of stone roads have survived from prehistoric times. Two such paths are located at Broskov between Snesere and Præstø. Some time in the Roman Iron Age (0-400 AD), the first road was laid across a ford at Hulebækken. The road is 3.5 metres …

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Broskovvejen hulvej

Hulvej der fører op fra Broskovvejen

År: 2004 PHOTO:Lars Bjarke Christensen

Broskovvejen 1
Broskovvejen hulvej
Broskovvejen 2

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Wealthy Iron Age bridge-builder

On the north bank of the waters of Hulebækken, six sunken roads lead through Storkeskoven (Stork…

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