Niebuhr in Iran

Inquisitive German on royal expedition


Named after Carsten Niebuhr, a new research centre at the University of Copenhagen will be devoted to studies of cultural heritage appreciation, notably in the relationship between the Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern and Asian civilisations. Carsten Niebuhr was a German…

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Niebuhr in Iran

In 1765 Niebuhr copied the cuneiform writing at Persepolis in present day Iran. He also put his signature on the big entrance as a mark of his visit to the old palace - and of his great achievements.

År: 2011 PHOTO: Thomas Roland, Heritage Agency of Denmark

Carsten Niebuhr
Niebuhr in Iran

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In search of Arabia Felix

In July 1766, a French vessel docked at Larnaca, Cyprus. It carried Carsten Niebuhr, a German…

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