From smithy to naval church


King Frederik II built the anchor smithy on the Bremerholm islet in 1563. It was later inaugurated as a church for King Christian IV's naval employees in 1619. Both the navy and its crew grew. Christian IV therefore extended the church into a cruciform church in…

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Niels W. Gade

at 43 in 1860. From the magazine Illustreret Tidende.

År: 1860 PHOTO: http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niels_W._Gade

Niels W. Gade
Holmens Kirke
Holmens kirke 2

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The coffin of the naval hero

Peter Wessel Tordenskiold, a naval hero with a mane of shoulder-length hair, has been displayed on …

Up and down the musical ladder

Soon after he had written his first symphony, Danish composer Niels W. Gade got himself an extremely…

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