Corselitze hovedbygning

Minding manors


In the 13th century, Corselitze was an average village. But that was to change when a manor was built in the Middle Ages. Corselitze functioned as a royal home farm under Nykøbing Castle from 1603 until 1766. Corselitze is a Wendish name for the place where…

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The general's legacy

Time / Periode 1768
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In 1766, the district that supplied the Cavalry Regiment on Falster was put up for auction. It was described as 10 manors in working order with attached copyholder farms. Prince Carl of Hessen bought Carlsfelt and Corselitze on East Falster. Two years later the prince gave the manors to his friend Major General Frederik Classen. Prince Carl of Hessen was chairman of the incumbent state council of war, while Classen was the King's arms producer by royal appointment in Frederiksværk. Classen immediately set about renovating Corselitze manor. In 1777, the neoclassicistic main building was complete along with its newly landscaped English inspired park. Classen built The General's Summerhouse at the edge of the forest facing the Baltic Sea. This building is a thatched miniature copy of Liselund on Møn. Det Classenske Fideicommis is a charitable organisation that was founded when Major General Johann Frederik Classen died in 1792. Its funds are used for charitable and informative purposes.

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Kasia Turajczyk
, more than 9 years ago

We have visited today the place. It is a pity that it was impossible to visit the building & the park. We walked around in the forest. Lost of beautiful colours around at this time of year.(it is October 31st 2010) It is a beautiful part of the Falster island.

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The general's legacy

In 1766, the district that supplied the Cavalry Regiment on Falster was put up for auction. It was …

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