Nørregade Daells

A department store for the whole of Denmark


From 1910, Daells in Nørregade was the department store for the man in the street – and his family. It sold solid quality at discount prices. There was something for all age groups and both sexes. Work clothes for men. Kitchen utensils, ladies fashions and lingerie …

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Happy shoppers

Time / Periode 1910
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Daells was not just modern because of its mail-order sales. The department store's main customer segment in Copenhagen was working-class shoppers who came into the store in Nørregade. They were met by sales assistants with a progressive and modern sales approach. As it said in the organisation plan for employees in the 1930s: The worst thing a shop assistant can say to a customer who is asking about a product is the question: "How much can you afford?" ..... A customer enquiry about a product must be immediately answered with "Yes, take a look at this, for example." ... Even so, it is not a good sale for us unless the customer feels something like a lucky bargain hunter at an auction." "

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