The industrial heart of South Jutland


Danfoss embodies Denmark's development from an agricultural to an industrial nation. The company exemplifies the high technology that became a hallmark of Danish industry. The industrial environment around the Danfoss manufacturing plant has greatly influenced…

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From farmhouse attic to megafactory

Time / Periode 1933
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The foundations for Danfoss were laid in 1933 when Mads Clausen, an engineer, set up Dansk Køleautomatik- og Apparat-Fabrik. A year earlier he had developed a cooling valve for controlling circuits in refrigeration plants. Until then, valves of this type were manufactured only in the USA. But with the Depression of the 1930s, imports from the US had come under an embargo. Initially, Clausen was producing the cooling valves in the makeshift setting of his parents' farmhouse attic on the island of Als. In 1935, the first proper manufacturing premises were built, a hut in the farm gardens. Over the next decades, the workforce increased, while production was expanded several times over. In 1946, the company was given its present name of Danfoss. Today, Danfoss is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automated refrigeration and heating solutions, with factories in 12 countries, and more than 18,000 employees, 6,000 of them in Denmark.

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From farmhouse attic to megafactory

The foundations for Danfoss were laid in 1933 when Mads Clausen, an engineer, set up Dansk…

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