Fossiljagt i Molergrav

Remains of Denmark’s tropical ocean


Moler, a variety of diatomite unique to Denmark, is found in the northwestern part of the Liim Fjord in a 60-metre-thick seam. This soft rock was formed by diatoms, a type of algae, at the bottom of a tropical ocean around 55 million years ago. About 200 layers of ash …

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Images from Diatomite on Fur and Mors

Danekræ fra moleret

Størsteparten af Danekræ stammer fra moleret. DK 567 er skildpaddeungen "Luffe".

År: 2008 PHOTO:Henrik Madsen, Moler Museet

Danekræ fra moleret
Fossilerne studeres
Fossiljagt i Molergrav
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