Radartårnet med radomer

The West has ears to the East


Behind the beautiful white beaches on the south-east tip of Bornholm lies Dueodde electronic listening station. Since the late 1940s, Bornholm has housed various types of listening installations. In 1954, the Danish Defence Intelligence Service acquired a lighthouse and…

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1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia

Time / Periode 1954 1986
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Throughout the Cold War, intelligence-gathering played a key role in both Danish and Western European security assessments. Intelligence gathering was based on the electronic listening stations established by the Danish Defence Intelligence Service, and one of the most important and most striking installations was the one at Dueodde. This station was capable of listening in on civilian and military activities behind the Iron Curtain, enabling Denmark to monitor military and technological advances in the Eastern Bloc countries. Thanks to the Dueodde station, the Danes were among the first to know of the Warsaw Pact armies’ invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968. Months prior to this, Danish analysts - possibly based on the covert listening - were predicting that spring in Prague might result in a Soviet-led military reaction. However, it was not the Soviet Union alone, but the Warsaw Pact that intervened to put a stop to the Czechoslovakian bid for “socialism with a human face”, as it was known.

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1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia

Throughout the Cold War, intelligence-gathering played a key role in both Danish and Western…

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