Ebberødgård vand i forgrunden

From cure to labour


Arbejds- og Plejehjemmet at Ebberødgård opened 1 June 1882 as a branch of the Gamle Bakkehus from 1855. Gamle Bakkehus was Denmark's first institution for imbecilic, moronic and epileptic children", as it was called. The founders, led by the doctor,…

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Images from Ebberødgård

Ebberødgård fra siden

I dag er det meste af Ebberødgård omdannet til ejerlejligheder

År: 2010 PHOTO:Thomas Roland

Ebberødgård front
Ebberødgård vand i forgrunden
Ebberødgård fra siden

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The healing power of nature

Ebberødgård was close to the town of Birkerød, yet still isolated in its rural surroundings. The…

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