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When you create a profile on the 1001-site, you avoid typing your information in every time you contribute images or other content to the site. In addition, you become part of the site's network and the dialogue is going on in here about exciting places in the country.

When you create a profile you must provide your real full name. Not an institution, a municipality, an event or similar.

You choose whether the profile should be public or private.
Create a public profile, your profile page can be viewed by other users. Create a private profile, you get access to a personal page that can only be seen by you.

The age limit for contributing to the site and create a profile is 13 years.

* If you decide to have a public profile, you will allow others to see your profile page so they can keep up with you activity. If not, only you will be able to see you profile page and you can use it to keep track of places you have visited and want to visit again.

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