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From merchant's house to banking centre


Wealthy merchant Erich Erichsen built his palatial merchant's house near Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen in 1797-99. Erichsen's Palace was designed by Denmark's leading architect, Caspar Frederik Harsdorff. But when he died unexpectedly, his son-in-law,…

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Ambitious merchant's private temple

Time / Periode 1797 1801
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With its facade like a temple, Erichsen's Palace stands out from other private buildings dating back to the classicistic period. It was deemed good taste to reserve temple motifs for decorating churches or royal properties. There are two possible explanations as to why architect Harsdorff took this liberty. Perhaps the owner, Erichsen, was such a braggart that he ignored the dictates of good taste. Or the palace was also at the end of a narrow part of Kongens Nytorv – especially back then when the old comedy house was at the heart of Holmens Canal. For a classicistic architect, it was natural to end a house in such as location with a temple-style front. The comedy house facing the square had a similar facade that architect Harsdorff himself had given it.

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Ambitious merchant's private temple

With its facade like a temple, Erichsen's Palace stands out from other private buildings…

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