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Esbjerg grew up by the harbour that opened in 1874, and around the rail link east and north that was built in 1872-75. In 1904, Esbjerg was blessed with a monumental red brick station designed by DSB's chief architect Heinrich Wenck. The building has a two-storey …

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The shed" lasts 30 years "

Time / Periode 1904
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When Esbjerg's first station opened in 1874, the town was just getting established. The station was classified as a 3rd class town station to start with. It was considered unimportant, so and Esbjerg had to make do with a 30-metre-long and 8-metre-wide wooden building with vertical external cladding and tarred roofing felt. But from the first time the whistle blew, it had waiting rooms for both second and third class passengers. It was nicknamed the Shed". By the 1890s, Esbjerg had grown into Denmark's third-largest goods station. Although its passengers deserved much better, the shed served its purpose until Heinrich Wenck's building opened in 1904. It was listed in 1983. "

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Rebecca Elliott
, more than 3 years ago

I read a letter recently from my great great grandfather that he is writing to his son in America. He tells him that around August 21, 1898 there were severe lightning/thunderstorms all over Jutland, causing over 100 buildings to burn. He says that the Esbjerg Station was hit three times, but without any damage. Does anyone have more information about this?

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The shed" lasts 30 years "

When Esbjerg's first station opened in 1874, the town was just getting established. The…

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