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A mighty abbey


In the Middle Ages, Esrum Abbey was inhabited by Cistercian monks. It was founded circa 1151-53 on the initiative of Archbishop Eskil. The monks at Esrum were given a large tract of land, making the abbey one of the largest estates in North Zealand. Culturally and…

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Images from Esrum Abbey

Brønden fra Esrum Kloster

Det eneste der er tilbage af selve Esrum Kloster er brønden, som ses her. Billedet er taget den 20. september 2013.

År: 2013 PHOTO:Hans-Henrik T. Ohlsen

Brønden fra Esrum Kloster
Her lå selve klosteret
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Esrum Kloster-1

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Abbey with aspirations

The Cistercians arrived at Esrum with a grand building scheme. They built an abbey church, which…

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