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Funen's classicistic gem


Faaborg Museum was created by the cannery owner Mads Rasmussen from Funen. He was a businessman with a great interest in art. In 1913-15, he built Faaborg Museum, designed by architect Carl Petersen. The building was located on a long narrow plot of land adjoining…

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From canned fruit to art

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Time / Periode 1913 1915
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In 1907, a feud arose between artists from Copenhagen and painters from Funen. The very academic Copenhageners looked down on the painters from Funen and called them peasant painters". The rich cannery owner Mads Rasmussen waded into the fray in support of the painters from Funen. He bought numerous pictures from painters such as Fritz Syberg, Peter Hansen and Johannes Larsen and created Faaborg Museum. Among the sculptors, he especially liked Kai Nielsen, who made the black granite statue of Mads Rasmussen in the museum's octagonal domed room. This made Mads Rasmussen a pioneer in two senses: By building the museum, he created architectural history, and by supporting the painters from Funen, he was a deciding factor in helping encourage the perception of them as a school of Danish art. "

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John Knippel
, more than 10 years ago

I am doing research on the KNIPPEL family. I am wondering of you could give me some historical information on Carl Knippel, E.N. Knippel or Wilhelm August Knippel. All these men were painters. Thanks for any information you can provide. I would be especially interested to see copies of their paintings. Best regards, John Knippel

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From canned fruit to art

In 1907, a feud arose between artists from Copenhagen and painters from Funen. The very academic…

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