Flintinge Byskov

Heavy capstone skewed


The ancient monument in the woods of Flintinge Byskov on the island of Lolland is a 5,200-year-old passage grave from the Neolithic period. It was excavated in 1873 by Rolf Viggo de Neergard, owner of Fuglsang Manor. In the chamber he found flint implements and amber…

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5,000-year-old construction flaw

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Working onMegalithic graves inspires colossal respect for the Stone Age 'engineers'. My colleague Svend Illum Hansen and I stood inside the passage grave and imagined the construction site as it was more than 5,000 years ago. As we did the drawings, we suddenly understood why one of the corners in the chamber looked odd. The capstone had been put on wrong, so the top of a wallstone had come away and the wall was skewed. As we stood there under the massive capstones, we could almost here the dread sound of the rock crunching. The builder was no doubt cursing 5,000 years ago when the capstone went on wrong. Presumably the stone crushed some of the carefully built up foundations. The patch-job repair tells us that even for these master builders, things could go wrong.

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Neville Clay
, more than 6 years ago

Hi, Torben! My wife and I now live at the skovfogedhus a few hundred metres to the east of this grave. Fifty metres south of our house, five metres from the forest road, there is what looks like a capstone straddling what is now a drainage ditch/stream with a pile of stones next to it. Is it possible that this is another grave not recorded in the various archives? It can't be a bridge and it's too regular in shape to be a an ice-age deposit. Any ideas?

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5,000-year-old construction flaw

Working onMegalithic graves inspires colossal respect for the Stone Age 'engineers'. My…

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