Folkets Alle

Workers' building societies


In about 1900, building societies began shooting up in Copenhagen, especially in Valby. The reason was simple. There was a shortage of good housing, and the best-paid workers now earned enough to dream of setting up for themselves. The Folkets Allé Building Society…

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Symbolic street names

Time / Periode 1898 1900
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The name Folkets Allé", meaning People's Avenue, is a far from random choice. The street name reflects the building society ideology. Through work and a cooperative approach, the workers should "create benefits for ourselves at the cost of Capital." The city's workers were to "create a home for themselves" and escape the badly built speculator's tenements that were the result of the constant housing shortage in the rapidly growing city. The building societies often had high-flown symbolic names that testified to solidarity, awareness of workers and faith in progress. The same was true of the allotment garden societies and cooperative companies. Valby, for example, has allotments called The Light, Freehold, Clover Leaf and the Red City. The street names in Frederiksberg have the same ring to them: Freedom Road, Equality Road and Brotherhood Road and naturally, People's Avenue. "

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Symbolic street names

The name Folkets Allé", meaning People's Avenue, is a far from random choice. The street…

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