Frederikskirken, Kuppel

King's prestige church becomes businessman's monument


Frederik's Church is also called the Marble Church. This 79-metre tall domed church between Store Kongensgade and Bredgade in Copenhagen is a famous feature of the area. The church is at one end of the axis that traverses Amalienborg and the harbour and ends at…

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Frederikskirken, indre-1

Frederikskirken, indre-1

År: 2009 PHOTO:Thomas Roland

Frederikskirken, indre-2
Frederikskirken, Kuppel
Frederikskirken, indre-1
Frederikskirken, detalje

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Tietgen saves the Marble Church

In 1870 its future is safe. Financial and industrial magnate Carl Frederik Tietgen has bought the…

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