Frue Plads

Square of Our Lady


As a demonstration of power, Frue Plads, Square of Our Lady" separating the streets of Nørregade and Fiolstræde in the heart of Copenhagen, is like a centre for spiritual and scholarly wisdom. The appearance of the square was changed forever by the British…

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Academia at an angle

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Time / Periode 1836
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The architect selected to design the University of Copenhagen's main building, was C.F. Hansen's pupil Peter Malling (1761-1865), who was responsible for notable buildings such as the new Sorø Akademi in 1822-27. But this was a tall order: on the north side of the new Square of Our Lady, he was to erect a building that would fittingly offset C.F. Hansen's monumental church architecture. The main university building was designed in a personalised Gothic style, with a central banqueting hall. The facade, with its seven gables, resolved the fact that the church prevented adequate spacing for the university building. The Malling building is designed to be viewed from an oblique angle, and is best observed from the corner of Nørregade and Studiestræde.

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Academia at an angle

The architect selected to design the University of Copenhagen's main building, was C.F.…

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