Gammel Lejre i vinterdragt.

The rise and fall of the King's estate


Gammel Lejre is on the west side of Lejre river valley. Farms and houses flank both sides of the village street, and in the Viking Age a chieftain's or king's estate stood on the hill behind the thriving village. In the Middle Ages, Gammel Lejre became a more…

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Gammel Lejre Kongsgaard

Gammel Lejre Kongsgaard i sne, 2010

År: 2010 PHOTO:Kirsten Løffler Reich

Gammel Lejre Kongsgaard
Gammel Lejre i vinterdragt.

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From King's residence to copyholder farms

In the late Iron Age and the Viking Age – from the 5th century until the end of the 10th century …

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