Germans invade Gedser Station


The railway arrived in Gedser in 1886. The station was designed by Henrik Glahn and still stands on the eastern jetty. In 1903, two berths were built for the railway ferries on the west side of the harbour. A new station was built between the ferry berths. It was…

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Panzer train misses the boat

Time / Periode 1903 1940
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On 9 April 1940 at 4:15 am, the German ferry The Mecklenburg" slid quietly into one of the two ferry berths at Gedser Station with a goods wagon at its bow. The rest of the ferry was overflowing with German soldiers and motor vehicles hidden under tarpaulins. Moments later, another German ferry "The Schwerin" followed in its wake and manoeuvred into the other berth. Out jumped the Germans and immediately cut Gedser Station's telephone and telegraph lines. Then the race was on as motor vehicles took off at top speed towards the Storstrøm Bridge to capture it. The original plan involved a panzer armoured train, but that had been left back in Warnemünde. The train was to have secured the Storstrøm Bridge against British air raids. On the day, though, the Germans changed their minds and focused on getting as many motor vehicles onboard as possible. They could transport large numbers of soldiers to the bridge quicker. "

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Panzer train misses the boat

On 9 April 1940 at 4:15 am, the German ferry The Mecklenburg" slid quietly into one of the two…

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