Herregården Glorup

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Glorup Manor, south of Nyborg, was built in 1743-44 as a four-winged manor on top of the cellar of the original renaissance manor. The beautiful roof that still adorns the building was also added at this time. Later that century, in the 1770s, Architect G.E. Rosenberg …

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Glorup Herregård

År: 2008 PHOTO:Peter Storm Hansen

Andromeda Tempel, Glorup
Glorup Have
Glorup Have, Rester af det franske haveanlæg
Andromeda (1763-64) v. Johannes Wiedewelt
Andromeda (1763-64) v. Johannes Wiedewelt
Glorup Herregård
Glorup Herregård
Allé ved Glorup
Herregården Glorup

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Silver wedding anniversary garden party in 1853

On 20 June, 1853, the garden at Glorup was the setting for a magnificent silver wedding anniversary…

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