Grønnestrand 1910

Local farm mills


Grønnestrand Mill is thought to have been built in 1886. It supplied just one farm. The mill has no proper foundation and the seven posts that run through it stand on flat unhewn stone. Originally it was thatched. Today its body" is thatched with heather and it…

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Grønnestrands Mølles krøjeværk

Møllehatten drejes vha. et "krøjeværk" bestående af "svansen" i midten og to skrå "krøjestivere".

År: 2007 PHOTO:Lise Andersen

Tang møllen
Tang møllen
Grønnestrand mølles gangtøj
Grønnestrand Mølles vinger
Grønnestrands Mølles krøjeværk
Gønnestrand Vindmølle
Grønnestrand 1910
Grønnestrand Mølles gangtøj

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Poor man's Dutch mill

After an act was passed making milling a free occupation in 1852, new windmills shot up like…

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