German war graves in Denmark


" A cemetery north of Grove Church contains the graves of 1,119 refugees and 175 German soldiers who died during World War II or in refugee camps in the late 1940s. The cemetery plots are marked by stone crosses; one cross for four burials. The graves are…

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Klaus, Grove-Gedhus lejren (Camp)
, more than 6 years ago

Hi, Lasse. Thank you very much. Klaus

Lasse Enevoldsen
, more than 6 years ago

@Klaus Hello I am new member of this site, but Im Danish and live here right now. I believe I can help you out. I found the parish of Grove here: It is an overview of every parish in Denmark, but it is written in Danish. The website says, that Grove parish have 157 church members out of 186 citizens. I cannot tell if this is your church, where you were baptised, but now you can pick up the pieces. Cheers :-)

Klaus, Grove-Gedhus lejren (Camp)
, more than 6 years ago

? How many members does the congregation have

Klaus, Grove-Gedhus lejren (Camp)
, more than 6 years ago

Greetings from Toowoomba / Australia, to all in Grove. I am delighted to find the Grove Church. My Baptism Certificate shows that I have been baptized on March 10, 1947 in Grove. Is this the Church where my Baptism has taken place? Klaus, GROVE-GEDHUSLEJREN (CAMP)

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A camp for 20,000 German refugees

" At the end of World War II, a total of three refugee camps were established at Karup…

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