German war graves in Denmark


" A cemetery north of Grove Church contains the graves of 1,119 refugees and 175 German soldiers who died during World War II or in refugee camps in the late 1940s. The cemetery plots are marked by stone crosses; one cross for four burials. The graves are…

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A camp for 20,000 German refugees

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Time / Periode 1945 1949
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" At the end of World War II, a total of three refugee camps were established at Karup Airfield: Gedhuslejren, Grovelejren and Pilhuslejren. The German refugees were mainly from eastern provinces where civilians had fled west to escape the advancing Russian armies. At the end of the war, there were 238,000 German refugees in Denmark, and more than 20,000 were interned at the three refugee camps at Grove. The camps were heavily guarded to prevent fraternisation between German refugees and the local Danish population. In 1949, the last refugees were deported to West Germany, and the Grove camps were closed. All traces of the camps are gone; only the cemeteries testify to the harsh conditions faced by the inmates of these camps. "

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A camp for 20,000 German refugees

" At the end of World War II, a total of three refugee camps were established at Karup…

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