Grundtvig and the heathen gods


Grundtvigsdyssen, built in the Peasant Stone Age, is a stone barrow at the edge of Gunderslev Forest. During this period, around 3500-3300 BC, thousands of these complicated stone barrows were constructed in Denmark, but few still exist to today. Like many other Stone …

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Images from Grundtvigsdyssen barrow

Genindvielse 2

Genindvielsen af Grundtvigsdyssen i august 2008

År: 2008 PHOTO:Lars Bjarke Christensen

Genindvielse 2
Grundtvigsdyssen 1857

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Stories (1)

The fall of Grundtvig

It was such a lovely summer morning on 26 August when my friend Grundtvig and I left Sorøe Academy…

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