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Forced labour for the poor


The House of the Holy Ghost in Amagertorv is one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen. A House of the Holy Ghost was a charitable organisation that looked after foundlings and the poor when they were ill. It was first mentioned in 1304 and has led a very turbulent…

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King Christian IV's Holy Ghost Prison" "

Time / Periode 1920
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This special kind of prison was a workhouse for the poor and vagrants. Like other members of North European royalty, King Christian IV built his first prison with a duel purpose: Partly to be a forced workhouse for the unwanted elements of society and partly to promote crafts and industry. It was called The Holy Ghost Prison". From 1607, it spread to include all the buildings between the Church of the Holy Ghost and Greyfriars Square. From 1611, women were also housed there and a children's home was included. It was closed during the plague in 1619 but opened again at the end of 1620, when people convicted of "dishonest acts" were also locked up here. This made the building a formal penal institution. This made the prison Denmark's first state-run institution for imprisonment. "

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