Besigtigelse af Hallebrøndshøj

Communal grave with amber beads


Hallebrøndshøj portal tomb near Svaneke was built in the Peasant Stone Age about 5,000 years ago. Thousands of portal tombs are scattered over large parts of Europe but Denmark has one of the densest concentrations. The tombs were a kind of communal grave for many…

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Images from Hallebrøndshøj

Jættestuen Hallebrøndshøj

Hallebrøndshøj ved Svaneke.

År: 2007 PHOTO:Lars Bjarke Christensen

Jættestuen Hallebrøndshøj
Besigtigelse af Hallebrøndshøj

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Buried treasure

J. A. Jørgensen wrote in his detailed excavation report: That this small collection of coins has…

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