Høng Ting- og Arresthus, Org. tegning

The architecture of Absolutism


Høng Courthouse served as both gaol and court for the Løve County jurisdiction in West Zealand. Under the absolute monarchy, the judiciary and law enforcement were not separate as they are today. The Courthouse was built in 1838 to drawings by C.F. Hansen. But…

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Forum Romanum in Høng

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Time / Periode 1838 1935
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Høng was only a village of low, thatched cottages when C.F. Hansen's impressive courthouse was built in its midst. The mid-section in particular, which was originally topped by a high, pyramid-shaped tiled roof, caused a stir. C.F. Hansen's strict lines and massive building blocks, inspired by ancient Roman architecture, rarely met with approval in the provinces. Rather than the almost unornamented Classicist buildings, the people preferred a more ornate, lavish facade reminiscent of the Baroque style. Against that, the awe-inspiring buildings of Classicism complemented perfectly the self-aggrandizing State, and became almost synonymous with absolutist architecture. In the provinces, they weren't given the choice!

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Forum Romanum in Høng

Høng was only a village of low, thatched cottages when C.F. Hansen's impressive courthouse…

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