Holmen, Frederiksholm-Nyholm

The old Navy HQ


From 1690 to 1990, Holmen was the main base of the Danish Navy. Holmen consists of five man-made islands: Nyholm, Margretheholm, Frederiksholm, Dokøen and Arsenaløen. At Holmen, the Navy had its most important installations – shipyards, magazines and arsenals,…

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Holmen, Frederiksholm-Nyholm

Holmen, Frederiksholm-Nyholm

År: 2009 PHOTO:Thomas Roland

Museumsskibe på Holmen
Holmen, Søminevæsenets værksteder
Holmen, Kanonbådsskurene
Holmen, Spanteloftbygningen
Holmen, Frederiksholm-Nyholm

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The hour of reckoning

If only walls could talk! As we stand there in historic surroundings, what tales they could tell us…

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