Tegning af Holsteinborg

Hand Christian Andersen's fairytale castle


Holsteinborg Castle was built by the Trolle family between 1598 and 1651, but has been owned by the Holstein family since 1707. The castle is 13 kilometres from Skælskør. The first count, Ulrich Adolph Holstein, established ten village schools on the estate in about …

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Counting on loans

Time / Periode 1707 1825
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On 20 August 1811, a soldier named Niels Hansen became the first saver in Denmark when he paid 100 rix-dollars into the savings and loan bank established by the Holsteinborg count's estate. The first depositors were four soldiers, a pensioner, a farm boy and a housewife. Farm owners and officials were not permitted to make deposits. The savings bank lent out money to estate employees i.e. to the industrious, but not wealthy", and the loans were to help "their service and work in future". Count Frederik Adolph Holstein was behind the first savings bank to be established in Denmark. He had got the idea from Germany where savings banks were already in evidence. The banks were to act as safe places to store the savings of the less wealthy. About 500 rix-dollars was deposited in on the first day. That was about the equivalent in cash of the annual income of a couple of medium-sized farms. "

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