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Horserød Camp has housed a more diverse range of prisoners than any other prison in Denmark. From its foundation in 1916 until 1920, it was a POW camp for Russian prisoners of war. From 1940 to 41 it was used for interned German emigrants. From 1941-43, it housed…

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The great escape in 1943

Time / Periode 1916 1940
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After Germany had declared war on the Soviet Union, the Danish Parliament passed the Communist Act" in August 1941. In violation of the Danish Constitution, it revoked the immunity of Communist Danish MPs. They and more than 100 other Communists were arrested and imprisoned at Horserød. They were joined by a number of Danish volunteers returning home from the Spanish Civil War who were also incarcerated there. In August 1943, relations ceased between the Danish government and the Germans and to avoid falling into the hands of the Germans, the prisoners prepared a great escape - on the very eve of 29 August 1943, when the Germans took over but totally overlooked the old part of the camp. Altogether, 95 men managed to escape by stacking beds and mattresses up against the perimeter fence and scrambling to safety. More to the point, they escaped deportation to the Frøslev Camp and the German concentration camps. "

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The great escape in 1943

After Germany had declared war on the Soviet Union, the Danish Parliament passed the Communist…

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