Hvide Hus

Hotel king's crowning glory


The man behind the White House hotel chain was Aage V. Jensen who was born in 1911 in a village called Vokslev near Nibe, the son of a smallholder. After his apprenticeship as a carpenter in Aalborg, he opened his own business in Copenhagen in 1937 and over the next 30…

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Images from Hotel Hvide Hus

Hotel Hvide Hus Aalborg

Hotel Hvide Hus set fra Kildeparken

Udsigten fra Hotel Hvide Hus
winter sun rise from Hvide Hus Hotel
Night view from the hotel. Aalborg at night!
Hotel Hvide Hus Aalborg
Hvide Hus

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Patron of nature

If you see a golden eagle circling majestically over Lille Vildmose in eastern Himmerland, or find …

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